Smells Like Towie Spirit: Joey Essex Launches Perfumes For Boys And Girls In Aflamboyant Pink And Black Suit

Dont even know how many calories Im burning! Pink gushes. She loves hot yoga now but even she had a hard time with it at first. I had to sit down four times and really decide who I am and whether I wanted to stay, she admits. Pink is just as honest when it comes to how difficult it is to stay in shape. Though she would never succumb to pressure in the industry to look a certain way, she is no stranger to those feelings of oh, I wish I was a bit thinner. Id love to be 10 pounds [4.53 kg] thinner, but its not in the cards for me. And Im totally OK with that, she says. Her priorities right now are being healthy and in top shape so that she can be a good mother to her daughter and the artist her fans deserve. Pink puts on famously spectacular live shows, packed to the maximum with physically demanding routines. Still, she would not describe herself as fearless. In fact, she goes through the trouble of listing all the things shes afraid of, which only makes her all that much more lovable. Im afraid of spiders. I am afraid of sharks.

What do you get for pretending the dangers not real/ Meek and obedient you follow the leader, he sings. And follow the leader is what Mr. Waters has done. He made news when in an open letter in August when he used his pop artists platform for renewing BDSs call on musicians everywhere to boycott Israel. Please join me and all our brothers and sisters in global civil society in proclaiming our rejection of Apartheid in Israel and occupied Palestine, by pledging not to perform or exhibit in Israel or accept any award or funding from any institution linked to the government of Israel, until such time as Israel complies with international law and universal principles of human rights, Waters wrote. Occupied Palestine is longstanding code for the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, in other words, the state of Israel. Even if Mr. Waters didnt realize what he was saying, his bedfellows certainly did catch its true meaning. Mr. Waters drew a harsh rebuke from Abe Foxman, National Director of theAnti-Defamation League. Your single-minded obsession with trying to convince others to boycott the Jewish state, while ignoring the worlds true human rights violators, must be driven by something other than a guilty conscience, Foxman wrote.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Should Shut Up About Israel, And Play His Guitar

The Essex star presented his two new bottles on either side of himself at the Sanctum Hotel. Joey was hardly unmissable in his bold fuchsia pink and black suit trouser suit. Want to smell like Joey Essex: The reality TV star launched his two new fragrances Fusey and My Girl on Thursday afternoon at the Sanctum Hotel Two toned: The 23-year-olds snazzy outfit matched the fragrances with the- black representing his Fusey male fragrance His bright outfit matched the fragrances with the- black representing his Fusey male fragrance and pink for his My Girl female fragrance. The 23-year-old reality star flashed a smile in his reem outfit as he stood behind large backdrops of posters of Fusey and My Girl. Proud sister: Frankie Essex couldn’t help but share her happiness for her younger brother’s new business venture via Twitter We are family: The 25-year-old stuck to the dress code for her brother’s event and looked stunning in a bright pink knee-length dress Basking in the success of the launch Joey took to twitter and wrote: Very proud day for me having my own fragrances for sale on the High Street .. #MyGirl for Girls and #Fusey for the Dudes. Coming to give the Towie cast member support was his older sister Frankie Essex. Joey the entrepreneur: since the beginning of the year the Towie star has opened his Fusey boutique and created a hair care range called Joey Essex D’Reem Hair Frankie could not help but brag to her Twitter followers about her younger brothers new fragrance and tweeted how proud she was of Joey. Before arriving at the venue, she said: ‘En Route to london so proud of my little Brother @JoeyEssex_ NEW Perfume & AfterShave Launch #soproud.’ The 25-year-old stuck to the dress code and looked stunning in a bright pink knee-length dress. Colour co-ordination: The 23-year-olds snazzy outfit outfit matched the fragrances with the – Pink for his My Girl female fragrance She finished off her look with a pair of gold court shoes with ankle straps. Like most of his fellow Towie crew, Joey has set his sights on wider ventures outside of the ITV reality show. In the past six months he has opened his Fusey boutique and created a hair care range, ‘Joey Essex D’Reem Hair’.

Pink salmon return much better than forecast in Kamloops, Shuswap


The returns of pink salmon have been very, very good, said Les Jantz. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans reports an estimated 26-million pinks are flooding into local waterways. Jantz said thats nearly three times the initial estimate of nine million fish. Once salmon leave fresh water for the ocean, they are at the whim of Mother Nature. Some years, theres a lot of food around and few predators, while other years, the odds are against them, he said. They obviously had very good survival somewhere and everywhere along the way, said Jantz. You get a lot of variability in survival. Pink fisheries are now underway in both Canada and the United States and will probably continue for at least another week, or maybe two weeks on the upper reaches of some waterways. Closer to home, fisheries on Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River that the DFO closed late last month to preserve the salmon population are open again. A commercial fishery on Kamloops Lake has also resumed. The recreational fisheries will continue until the end of the month, Jantz said. He has no idea why pink salmon flourished this year, but few anglers will complain. Its coming with open arms. Everyone is quite happy about it, said Jantz.