Movies To Fill The Time During The Government Shutdown

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AMC s finale Sunday night garnered a whopping 10.3 million viewers (more people than went out and paid for tickets to a solid cinematic hit like, say, The Purge this past summer, speaking of movies. And we have a feeling this one will be around a lot longer). With that in mind, here are six movies — some intuitive, some less so — that the show evoked and that, who knows, may be able to fill the void on a rainy Netflix day now that Walt and Jesse are gone from the airwaves forever. PHOTOS: ‘Breaking Bad’ scenes | Every season, every episode “Taxi Driver.” A man is driven to the edge by forces (possibly) beyond his control and squanders whatever sympathy we have for him with his increasingly desperate acts. And of course, there are the bloody gun fights. Academic papers galore could be written about the Travis Bickle-Walt White dichotomy. Or just watch a few episodes and the Scorsese movie back to back. You may not sleep for weeks. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Gilligan has said he sees his show as a Western, above all else, which only makes this comparison more resonant. The fact that both Breaking Bad” and “Butch Cassidy” are about two men on the run whose fate we somehow know wont turn out well cements the comparison. Fargo, or most things Coen-ish.

By default, the platform has also created collections named Favorites and Own it but you can create collections like Inspiring, Hacker movies, etc. I am yet to make collections and this is going to keep me busy tonight. Besides, there is an interesting feature here you can export all this data into an excel sheet, as well as import it too through the Import/Export Data link. There are so many ways to discover movies in Rinema. Through Movies you can either browse through the endless array of movies displayed below or else run a filter through genre, language or release year. Another way to find movies is through Lists. The Listmania features lists like AFIs Top 10 comedy, Quentin Tarantinos Favourites, 1001 movies you must see before you die and many other iconic and popular lists by famous critics, film makers, Oscar winners, etc. You can also create your own list. Based on that, you can get movie recommendations from that users collections. Additionally, you can find more Taste Buddies, or Facebook friends on Rinema or simply click Explore Leaderboards to find the Top Reviewers on the network. Users can also add/edit movies if they cannot find it listed. Rinema provides an editors manual to go about doing that. Will Rinema be a hit? Rinema is a classic platform for movie buffs over the world. Finding people who share similar movie preferences as you and discovering new movies through them is a boon, apart from the platforms multiple ways to discover new movies.

Jeffersons ringing patriotic manifesto can turn instead to this Nicolas Cage caper flick, in which an invisible treasure map on the back of the Declaration serves as MacGuffin. Warning: Some scenes may be too intense for furloughed archivists, as the Declaration is stolen from its institutional home. 7. Night at the Museum (2006) Most federal museum workers will be sent home. These empty museums are bad news if youre employed in one. Somewhat better news if youre on display in one, as we learned from this comedy adventure hit starring Ben Stiller as a night security guard at the Museum of National History. 8. Outbreak (1995) If you credit some of the more alarmist predictions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be severely limited in investigating disease outbreaks in a government shutdown. Heaven forbid an outbreak of Ebola-like virus dramatized in this Dustin Hoffman-Rene Russo movie. 9. North by Northwest (1959) Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint wouldnt be allowed anywhere near Lincolns Nose on Mount Rushmore with the Park Service folks twiddling their thumbs at home in a shutdown. 10. Mr.