How Far Should New York Knicks Go To Build Future Around Carmelo Anthony?

Smith, Raymond Felton, Pablo Prigioni and Tim Hardaway Jr. under contract in the summer of 2015, leaving them with plenty of cap space with which to work. Assuming Anthony takes up around $26 million in salary, the Knicks payroll will sit at only $33.5 million, including the unguaranteed contracts of Prigioni and Hardaway. Iman Shumpert will be a restricted free agent with a qualifying offer of $3.9 million in 2014-15, but if he continues to progress, the Knicks could end up needing a lot more to keep him in town. For the sake of this article, let’s mark his salary down as $8 million. In total, that leaves the Knicks payroll at $41.5 million, which is well under the salary cap of $58.7 million (based on this year’s cap figure). USA TODAY Sports LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol are two players the Knicks could go after in 2015. While filling a roster with $17.2 million isn’t easy, the Knicks have been able to do a lot with virtually no cap flexibility over the past three years. Therefore, the front office has to be licking its lips at the prospect of retooling the roster with that kind of cap space. Looking at the free-agent crop in 2015, the Knicks could use a large portion of that money to bring in a second star for Anthony, with Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol all hitting the open market. Shumpert will likely be the starter at shooting guard, leaving the Knicks to use either Hardaway or Smith as a trade chip to bring in a new starter to complement Anthony. It’s way too early to think about the specifics of how New York will approach free agency in 2015, but this way they’ll have the core of their roster assembledwith it being Anthony, Shumpert, a major free agent and whomever they receive in a trade for Hardaway or Smith.

On Gladness and Quitting and Being 24 in New York

Police detained him at a Manhattan restaurant on Friday, more than 22 years after the girl’s death, he said. Juarez was arrested on the murder charge and was awaiting arraignment, according to New York electronic court records. The girl, dubbed “Baby Hope” by investigators, was never reported missing and was only recently identified. Kelly named her as 4-year-old Anjelica Castillo. Her bound, asphyxiated body was discovered stuffed underneath cans of soda inside a blue-and-white cooler alongside the Henry Hudson Highway in northern Manhattan in July of 1991. She had been starved and sexually abused, police said. New York police announced on Tuesday they had identified the girl’s mother after following through on a tip they received over the summer. Her identity was confirmed through DNA testing and she was cooperating with the investigation, they said. After the girl’s death, members of the police department paid for her funeral and many worked for years in hopes of identifying her or her killer. “Today, NYPD investigators are giving young Anjelica her due justice,” Kelly said. Kelly said that Juarez had told investigators that he ran into Castillo in a hallway when he went to an apartment in Astoria shared by seven of his relatives. “He said he sexually assaulted the child, then smothered her,” Kelly said of Juarez. “When she went motionless, he summoned his sister from another room.” His sister, who has since died, told him to dispose of the body and brought him a cooler, Kelly said. They took the cooler from the apartment and rode in a cab to Manhattan where they carried it through a wooded area and put it down, he said.

New York police arrest cousin in 1991 ‘Baby Hope’ killing

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