Former New York Lb Carl Banks: Giants Don’t Like Each Other

(USATSI) Former New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks knows a little bit about New York Giants football. Banks spent nine of his 12 NFL seasons with the Giants (1984-92) and won two Super Bowls with the team. Banks also has a front row seat to the 2013 Giants thanks to his job as a radio analyst for the team. And from that front row seat Banks doesn’t seem to like what he’s seeing from the 0-3 Giants. “They don’t like themselves,” Banks told WFAN in New York . “That’s what it really comes down to. They don’t like each other. They’re not willing to fight for each other. When you have a premier quarterback in this league, and you don’t have enough self-respect — not for him, but for yourself — to protect him to do your job, I think it speaks volumes. I think these guys really do need to all stand in (front of) the mirror, and it’s gut-check time.” Protecting the quarterback has been a problem for the Giants. Eli Manning has been sacked 11 times the season, tied for second most in the NFL.

Fake online reviews exposed by New York attorney general

New Yorks attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced Monday that 19 New York-based companies have agreed to pay hefty penalties and stop writing fake online reviews many of which have flooded consumer review sites such as Yelp, Google and CitySearch. The reviews mostly positive assessments of businesses the reviewers never patronized were for a wide variety of retailers including a spa, wig shop and limousine company. The companies responsible for the reviews and the businesses reviewed are all in New York. But as consumers far and wide are well aware, the Internet has tentacles that reach beyond the U.S. and, of course, into Canada. Matt Mittenthal, a spokesperson for the New York attorney general, says companies everywhere should be warned. Generally, this sends a strong warning to any company thats considering the same dishonest practices, he says. A lot of people might not have known that posting fake reviews is against the law. The first of its kind in the Big Apple, Operation Clean Turf was a year-long probe into the reputation management industry and the deceptive practices of manipulating consumer-review websites, a press release from the attorney generals office says. The practice, also known as astroturfing, violates multiple New York state laws against false advertising. Posing as Brooklyn yoghurt shop owners, representatives from the office asked various companies to help them combat negative online reviews. Some of the companies offered to write fake reviews.