Food Franchisees Face Low Pay, Long Hours

As an example, for meat, poultry, and egg products, the USDA recognizes a long list of chemical actives with their recommended dosages: A few of these antimicrobial agents are efficacious at extremely low dosage (e.g., Lauric Arginate LAE), provided they are applied uniformly on the entire surface of the food product. They are consistent with FDA labeling definition of “Processing Aid” and accordingly, exempted from being listed in the product ingredients label declaration. This combination of enhanced safety coatings and “Clean Label” generated a significant and growing interest in these anti-microbial agents among food manufactures and in the spray coating equipment which can guarantee such uniform, low dose spray coating onto food products. The new systems are ideal for spraying extremely small amounts of anti-microbial agents uniformly onto the surfaces of meat slices as they are descending off industrial slicers at high speeds. Such accurate low dose coating capability is unmatched by any air pressure assisted spraying system. Based on Sono-Tek’s expertise and experience in FDA validated medical device coating applications, the company now offers meat manufacturers and slicing equipment manufacturers a unique capability for enhancing safety with a clean label. Industrial scale meat slicers operate at range of speeds from 250 RPM to 1500 RPM. In order to effectively cover the entire throughput range, Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic spray coater for anti-microbial applications is offered in a stand-alone model, where the controller of the equipment adjusts variables such as flow rate, spray plume shape, “no product – no spray”, etc., or as an integrated system with that of the high speed slicer. Sono-Tek uses its patented ultrasonic nozzles, which provide an accurate, low flow spray plume of uniform size micro droplets. These nozzles produce minimum “bounce back” with a high transfer coefficient, resulting in a micronic layer of anti-microbial coating fully and uniformly covering both sides of each meat slice. The new Sono-Tek antimicrobial ultrasonic spray coating system is designed in a modular fashion, with a minimum floor space requirement. The system is compatible with industrial slicers of various brands, and can spray a 4-parallel meat log arrangement, at slicing speeds exceeding 1300 slices per minute. For safety considerations, electrical and air handling components are enclosed in a separate stainless steel cabinet from the liquid handling and operational reservoir tank.

Panera CEO learns about hunger on his food stamp diet

A girl joins her father and others in June in Los Angeles protesting a bill that would cut funding for SNAP, or food stamps.

While waiting for help to reach remote villages, hungry people dug through the rubble to find food. And the country’s poorest province struggled with a dearth of medical supplies, hospitals and other aid. Doctors in the village treated some of the injured, but due to a scarcity of medicine and staff, they were mostly seen comforting residents. The remoteness of the area and the lack of infrastructure hampered relief efforts. Awaran district is one of the poorest in the country’s most impoverished province. Just getting to victims was challenging in a region with almost no roads where many people use four-wheel-drive vehicles and camels to traverse the rough terrain. “We need more tents, more medicine and more food,” said Bulaidi. Massive earthquake forms new island off southwest Pakistan Associated Press images from the village of Kaich showed the devastation. Houses made mostly of mud and handmade bricks had collapsed. Walls and roofs caved in, and people’s possessions were scattered on the ground. A few goats roamed through the ruins.

Pakistanis struggle for food, shelter after deadly quake

Franchisees without prior restaurant experience may be in for a rude awakening. In the food business, typically people are working 50, 60 hours a week. Theyre managing lots of teenagers or a first-entry-level-job type of employee, Stites said. If youve come out of the corporate world, maybe you had an executive assistant, maybe you had a team of people to help you do projects, you buy a food franchisechances are youre not going to do well. Satisfaction varies by company Another driver of satisfaction, or lack thereof: How the franchiser treats its franchisees. There are companies that are transparent and have a very inclusive culture, Stites said. They see their franchisees as partners. Those companies tend to have much higher satisfaction than the companies that dont have an inclusive culture and basically say, Listen to what we say. Do this. That transparency includes financial information, he said. The best franchise systems will share financial information across their system so you know if Bob Smith in Salt Lake City has got a 28% cost of goods sold and yours is running at 34%, youre going to call Bob and ask, What are you doing to get that number? Stites said. In the food business, it is about nickels and dimes. The systems that have an inclusive culture and really get their employees to share financial information do better than those that dont, he said.

One person wrote me, “It’s not about a weeklong ‘challenge.’ It’s about months. It’s about deciding whether to eat or buy heart medicine or diabetic drugs. … It’s about knowing that this week is followed by another and another and another. It’s not about (whether or not food is) boring. It’s about living.” I believed at first that by taking the challenge to eat on $4.50 a day diet, I could raise awareness about hunger. What has become clear is that those who are “food insecure” — or even those living close to that edge — are all too aware of their circumstances. Helping the hungry is not a zero sum game. We can discuss policy, and undoubtedly each of us will land on one side or the other of the political debate. Unfortunately, the debate we often hear in Washington leads to thinking that the issue can be seen in black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. We all know there are people who abuse the system. I have no doubt that there are some people who accept SNAP benefits when they either don’t need the assistance or may not use them appropriately. But SNAP is really an efficient program. There are small problems with the system — but there always are in large, complex systems.