Debunking Flu Shot Myths: London Drugs Pharmacists Set The Record Straight

14, 2013. / AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis (CBS/AP) LONDON – David Belmar, a 44-year-old man in possession of a knife, was arrested after he tried to dart through a gate at Buckingham Palace in London on Monday, police said. The palace said Queen Elizabeth II was not in residence. Breaches of royal security are rare, but just a month ago police arrested two men over a suspected break-in at the palace. Police said Monday Belmar was apprehended as he tried to run through security at a palace gate that serves both pedestrians and vehicles. They searched him and found a knife. They arrested him and he was later charged with trespassing on a protected site and possession of a bladed/pointed article. The man is currently in custody at a London police station, the force added, stressing that the man was apprehended “immediately.” He is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. That was not the case in September’s embarrassing breach, when an intruder was discovered prowling around the palace after scaling a fence, and an alleged accomplice was also arrested. That was judged one of the most serious incidents since Michael Fagan managed to sneak into the queen’s private chambers in 1982. 0

Cops: 4 Terror Suspects Nabbed in London

14, 2013 By JEAN-NICHOLAS FIEVET and DIMITRIJE STEJIC A general view of the Alounak Persian restaurant in Westbourne Grove, west London, on Oct. 14, 2013, where a man was reportedly arrested outside the night before on suspicion of terrorism. Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images British police shot out the tires of a car carrying two suspected supporters of terrorism in London late Sunday as part of a “pre-planned intelligence operation” that ended in four arrests. A police official said they used what’s called Hatton rounds, special ammunition designed specifically to blow out tires, to stop the suspects’ car. The official would not say if the pair, 25-year-old British nationals from Turkey and Algeria, had refused to stop the car before the tires were shot out. Elsewhere in London, police also arrested a 28-year-old British national from Azerbaijan and a 29-year-old British national from Pakistan, officials said. All of the men were arrested “on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism,” according to a message posted on Scotland Yard’s website . They are in custody at a south London police station, the statement said, and police are carrying out additional searches at six addresses in London. English authorities declined to say what prompted their operation, but the BBC reported an alleged terror plot, which reportedly would involve firearms, had been under surveillance for some time and that the decision for the police to go in now was made by a “senior committee” involving Scotland Yard and MI-5, the British equivalent of America’s FBI. Alistar Gillies, who said he witnessed one of the arrests, told the BBC he thought two dozen officers, mostly in plainclothes, may have been involved. “It looked like there was a great deal of planning and a great deal of resources had been put on tackling this situation,” he said.

MYTH #3: You can skip years between flu shots. Flu viruses are constantly changing. So each year, the flu shot is updated to provide protection against the most active virus expected in the coming flu season. People must receive a flu shot every year in order to stay protected. MYTH #4: You have to go to a doctor’s office or wait in line at a provincial flu clinic to receive a vaccination. Many people are still unaware that they can receive the flu vaccination from a Certified Injection Pharmacist. London Drugs flu clinics are held throughout Alberta and British Columbia during October and November. Patients can book an appointment to receive the vaccination by calling the London Drugs pharmacy directly. Click here to view the Flu & Vaccination Clinic schedule. Click here to visit the store locator. About London Drugs Founded in 1945, B.C.-based London Drugs has 78 stores in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba including its online store .